Weekend Day Sails

Weekend Day Sails

We don’t often do two day sails in one day and when we do I don’t often have to cook for both of them, but this past Saturday I did. Plus, on Sunday we had a Mother’s Day brunch. I spent all day on Friday prepping for these three sails and I still felt slightly behind on all of them. The first was a memorial sail, the client requested heavy appetizers, we worked together to come up with the menu. The second was a private charter and they chose a dinner off of my catering menu, everyone always chooses salmon and my salmon with dill is always the most popular option. For the brunch sail I got to make whatever I wanted, I’ve done fancy dishes with poached eggs in the past, but I opted for something a little easier since I was going to be very busy the day before.

Memorial Sail Saturday 1400-1700
Roasted pork sliders with balsamic onion jam and arugula
Vegetable tray with charred green onion yoghurt dip
Cheese plate with goat cheese, smoked gouda, comte and chili marmalade
Chilled shrimp with lemon and tarragon aioli
Fruit tray with carrot cake cheesecake bars

Salmon Dinner Saturday 1800-2100
Walnut and dill pesto salmon
Small potatoes with lemon and butter
Sautéed zucchini and yellow squash with onions
Green salad with Italian dressing or buttermilk chive dressing

Mother’s Day Brunch Sunday 1000-1300
Caramelized shallot and goat cheese quiche
Bacon and sausage
Stir fried asparagus, sugar snap peas, petit peas and pesto
Nutella swirl brioche
Brown sugar and berry yoghurt parfait

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