South Sound

South Sound

This trip is lead by one of our volunteers, he invited family and friends to join him on a 4-day trip around South Puget Sound. We don’t usually sail in this region, it made for a nice change of scenery compared to the usual islands we circle.

Day 1
Lunch: Braised squid with harissa, pearl couscous and sautéed zucchini with parmesan
Snack: Cheese and crackers, sausage roll with apples
Dinner: Burgers with green chilies and onions, roasted Southwest potato salad and marinated tomatoes

It is hot, hot, hot making the galley that much hotter and there was no wind today so we didn’t end up sailing, not even a puff of a breeze. We anchored in Longbranch right before lunch, the passengers spent the afternoon lounging on deck and playing in small boats. I served dinner later in the hopes that it would start to cool off before firing up the grill and standing in front of burning charcoal for an hour.

Day 2
Breakfast: Eggs Sardou, bacon and fruit
Lunch: BBQ chicken and pineapple quesadillas with grilled corn salad and coriander tomato black beans
Dinner: Pork katsu (panko crusted) with Japanese curry sauce, rice, sesame broccoli and spinach
Dessert: Coconut matcha panna cotta with raspberry jelly

I’ve gotten a lot better at timing fancy breakfast dishes like the one we had this morning, it’s a twist on eggs benedict, remove the ham and replace it with creamed spinach and artichokes. It takes practice to know how long it takes to make an item and the right way to do it for a crowd, it’s poaching the eggs that slows this processes down. For lunch I had most of the ingredients already cooked, I had cooked the chicken and the corn on the grill last night so I didn’t have to heat up the galley that much, but it cooler today. I ended up goose wining the corn salad, that’s a sailing term for when you don’t completely set a sail, I had a partial idea of what I wanted to make, but didn’t have all the details sorted out for what I wanted to put in it. We had wind and sailed most of the afternoon, slowly, but sailing.

Day 3
Breakfast: Zucchini lemon pancakes with blueberry syrup, sausage and yoghurt
Lunch: Shrimp Cesar salad with avocado and homemade sourdough bread
Snack: Squiggly wonton shrimp, sesame tuna on cucumber slices and edamame
Dinner: Roasted masala chicken with potato croquettes, tomato chutney and green beans with mustard seeds

Another windless day, guess this region isn’t really known for it’s wind. We motored around today, sent passengers ashore at Gig Harbor and ended up anchoring for the evening off Quartermaster Harbor, Vashon Island. One of Zodiac’s volunteers lives on Vashon Island, he could practically see the boat from his house so he jumped in his kayak and came over for a quick visit, that was a pleasant surprise and a lovely way to spend the evening.

Day 4
Breakfast: homemade bagels, fried eggs, fruit and yoghurt
Lunch: Revised leftovers, including coronation chicken salad

The last day of the trip and I’m ready to head back to Bellingham. It’s been nice to get out and see more of Puget Sound, spend time in Seattle and Tacoma but it’s also been a long couple of weeks away from familiar territory. We dropped the passengers off in Tacoma at noon, hung out on the dock for about an hour and off we went, back home. I have a lot to do this coming weekend so I’m eager to get back to Bellingham.

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