Sehome High School

Sehome High School

A few of our volunteers have come from Sehome high school, probably because that’s where our high school programs started over 20 years ago. Year after year we get a group of students from Sehome on the ship for three days, we sail, they learn and everyone has a good time. Every year there are several students who return, this year there was even one student who graduated high school last year but still wanted to participate.

Sehome’s involvement with Zodiac started in the early 90’s when one of our volunteers was a teacher there. They don’t have a maritime program, it’s just something fun for the students to get involved in, a great way to learn about the local area from a different perspective. Hopefully some of the students this year will join us in the winter to volunteer and continue to be apart of the ship.

Day 1
Lunch: Limey chicken breast with roasted ploblanos, taco potatoes and pinto beans
Snack: Mexican chocolate cookies
Dinner: Indonesian beef rendang with rice and peanut green beans

Just like any other trip things start off with a flurry of excitement, bags are stowed in rooms, everyone returns to deck and we get underway. After sailing most of the afternoon we anchored in Echo bay and the kids had shore time, while they were ashore I prepped scones for breakfast. I prefer to do baking projects like that when no one is around, I appreciate the quite and it gives me time to concentrate on what I’m doing. I didn’t bake the scones, I put them in the freeze so I could bake them fresh in the morning, I worried that the berries would leech out their juice and make the scones soggy if I left them in the fridge overnight. Dinner was great, a very different style of curry dish that a lot of people hadn’t had before and I love to make people expand their taste buds. I knew I’d need a lot of rice so I made 15 cups, there was only a little leftover. In the evening people sat around playing games and talking, my friend Beth drew me a logo for business cards so I can help to get the word out about my blog.

Day 2
Breakfast: Strawberry mint scones with cream cheese spread, oatmeal and yoghurt
Lunch: Italian sausage subs, zucchini and corn salad, chips
Dinner: Chicken kebabs, charred eggplant orzo salad and spinach salad with grapefruit
Dessert: Bee sting cake

With all the activities that the students wanted to get to today we didn’t end up sailing. They rushed ashore before lunch for a hike to a lighthouse, came back rather late and devoured lunch as we moved on to the next anchorage. When we dropped the hook the students went in after it, I think most if not all of them went for a quick swim and then played with the kayaks while Jesse and I grilled up dinner.

Day 3
Breakfast: Fried eggs with breakfast sausage, cinnamon swirl bread and cottage cheese dill bread with fruit Lunch: All the cheese mac and cheese and creamy mint salad

Breakfast was rather slow, everyone must have been tired and it took a bit of time for everyone to get out of bed. While I was prepping lunch I had a small audience, students had gone on deck to raise sail but while they were finishing things up and stowing lines a handful of them accumulated around the hatch that looks down into the galley. As I was scooping cooked pasta into trays I started to here them, it started off quite, with a few “ooooh’s” but their sounds of joy increased as I poured the cheese sauce into the trays. I ended up mixing the sauce and pasta a lot longer than was necessary because they were so excited and it was hilarious to listen to their squels of delight. I hadn’t planed on topping the mac and cheese with extra cheese, but I did just because they were there and I knew they’d looooove to see that. This was the only meal that I didn’t have any leftovers, that’s perfect because we have a five-day trip starting tomorrow.

Over the duration of the trip I had some great conversations with some of the students, of coarse we talked about food. Talked a lot about baking, the tv show The Great British Bake Off and inevitably someone is always interested in how I got my start on tall ships. This was a really great trip and so far this season it was my favorite student trip.

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