Seattle Day Sails

Seattle Day Sails

I have a love hate relationship with day sails. They are great because it’s a short sail, just a few hours of work, usually in the evening, but at the same time I’m waiting around all day for something to happen. Here in Seattle it seems worse, I know I could get up, go exploring and come back with enough time to come back to the boat and prep dinner. This week in Seattle has been a good time, we just haven’t had the best of weather like we’ve had in the years past.

Thursday Ales n’ Sails with Maritime Pacific
Cubano sliders and corn on the cob with cilantro butter
Szechuan chicken with cashews, rice and stir fried broccoli
Dessert: Chocolate stout ice cream on a cone

Ales n’ sails are some of my favorite day sails and I don’t even like beer. We pair with a brewery, they bring mini kegs for people to try their beer and I get to make a bunch of food. I like to make two entrees, it’s fun for me and then the passengers can try their beers with different flavors and find which one compliments the food the best. I also try to add beer to something I’m cooking that evening, this time around I chose a stout to go in my chocolate ice cream.

Friday Salmon Dinner
Salsa verde salmon with avocado
Tomato rice
Jalapeno creamed corn
Green salad with roasted tomato vinaigrette or chipotle ranch
Dessert: Coconut lime cupcakes

Now the summer is really starting, salmon dinners here we come. I’m always looking for new flavor combinations to go with salmon, I was really pleased with how this one turned out. Tart salsa verde packed with cilantro and a hint of cumin for earthiness paired beautifully with the oily pink flesh of salmon. The corn was also a really big hit, just enough jalapenos to give a little zip to warm creamy corn baked in the oven till the top layer of cheese was golden and crispy.

Saturday Surf n’ Turf
Steak au poivre (shallot and brandy cream sauce) with garlic shrimp
Smashed potatoes with parsley
Roasted garlic green beans with blue cheese and pecans
Green salad with roasted lemon or creamy roasted garlic dressing
Dessert: Vanilla chiffon cupcakes with coffee whipped cream and hokey pokey

Surf n’ turf is one of the hardest meals to pull off on your own, let alone for 60 people on your own in a small galley that’s moving around. This meal is all about timing, the steak and the shrimp both need to be cooked at the last minute, you want them hot and not overcooked. I try to plan the rest of my menu to be hands off at the late minute but it’s still always a challenge to find room in the oven or on the stove top. I handled the meal well, most of the steak were closer to medium than medium rare, but there is only so much I can do while my arms fly around doing three jobs at once.

Sunday Brunch
Potato salmon bake with poached eggs
Asparagus and pea stir fry
Almond Bundt cake
Yoghurt parfait with raspberries and oatmeal cookie crumbs

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