Time for our annual all female trip, we kick off all the men, except the captain and bring on a full crew of badass sailing women. Some of these women only come once a year, old volunteers who’ve moved away, interns returning for one more sail, but we also pull from our regular group of volunteers, there’s just not as many female volunteers as male. The first year I cooked for this trip the mate, Dana, asked me a few weeks ahead of the trip, “You’re making a chocolate dessert for Nauti Gals right?” It wasn’t so much of a question, more of a statement, for some odd reason that had slipped my mind, now I know to always make a chocolaty desser, if not two.

Day 1
Lunch: Carnitas soup with potato masa dumplings and cheesy bean dip with tortillas chips
Dinner: Champagne chicken with mushrooms, smashed potatoes and green beans almondine
Dessert: Coffee chocolate chunk ice cream with brownie cookies

Some trips the group of people you get are really rowdy, all these ladies were so lovely, it was a big change from our previous two overnights. We had a very easy day, except for raising the sails, we only had 13 passengers and 9 crew to raise the main, it’s a huge sail and took a bit of time. Other than that it was a very quite day, we dropped the hook at Echo bay and passengers had some time to play in the kayaks before dinner.

Day 2
Breakfast: Menemen with simit (Turkish style eggs with Turkish bagel) whipped feta spread, cucumber slices and olives
Lunch: Summer squash and basil pasta with green salad and caprese salad
Snack: Malakoff loaf (fondue bread)
Dinner: Moroccan Merguez sausages with pickled carrots and cumin aioli, grilled cauliflower with chimichur and tabouli salad
Dessert: Pots de crème (chocolate pots) with strawberries and cream

Today was the big day of sailing, there was a thought we might go ashore to a fancy chocolate shop but the wind was more in our favor to sail. For me it was a big food day, I don’t know how it happened but I managed to be stuck in the galley pretty much all day. Jesse is usually around as my helped and I think that’s where the big difference was, even if it’s no helping me with prep work the fact that he does all the dishes gives me the time to do more prep myself. All of today’s food was really fantastic but I particularly loved the Malakoff loaf, it was an experiment on my part and I’m glad it turned out the way I envisioned it. Sometimes when I do experiments for a crowd like this I’m worried about what I’ll do if it doesn’t turn out how I wanted, should I serve it anyway or hid it and fix it later. Luckily for me either things are fixable or the problems I have with them no one else would really care about, or so I tell myself.

Day 3
Breakfast: Oatmeal, morning glory muffins, yoghurt and a green smoothie with spinach and cucumber
Lunch: Thai salad with lemongrass chicken and peanut or cilantro lime salad dressing, corn and coconut fritters

It’s hot, hot, hot and by hot I mean Bellingham hot, so the low 80’s. On our way back to the dock we stopped off at Vendovi Island and took the passengers ashore, while they were away we got to have a quick swim to cool off. Overall this was a great trip, relax passengers always make for a better time for the crew and since we were short handed all around at least everyone personalities meshed well.

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