Memorial Day Weekend Escape

Memorial Day Weekend Escape

Memorial Day weekend in Bellingham means Ski to Sea, it’s a race the starts on Mount Baker and ends on the shore of Bellingham Bay. There are several legs: cross country skiing, downhill skiing, running, road biking, canoeing and kayaking. As long as I work on Zodiac I’m not likely to see any of the events because we always work that weekend, but I’m not crazy about watching sporting events anyway.

Day 1
Lunch: Fish tacos with shredded cabbage and chipotle crème, pineapple cucumber salad and toasted corn salad with black beans and tomatoes
Dinner: Braised lamb with orange, sweet potatoes and cinnamon, egg noodles and roasted cauliflower with pea mint sauce

Unlike the last trip we actually had some good wind getting off the dock and were able to set sail before lunch. This trip is more family oriented and there are a few kids aboard, one of them brought a game called Dutch Blitz, it’s a more complicated version of Speed. After dinner a bunch of people played games, I joined in on Dutch Blitz and there were several games of cribbage underway.

Day 2
Breakfast: Corned beef Reuben hash, fried eggs and fruit
Lunch: Spanish Pizza: manchego, red onion, banana peppers, green olives and anchovies, pizza Margherita, white pizza with caramelized onion, bacon and spinach and a green salad
Dinner: BBQ pork ribs with grilled vegetable salad and lemon sweet potato salad
Dessert: Grilled peaches with burnt honey ice cream and pistachio lemon langues de Chat

Most of the meals I make on the boat are ones I haven’t made before, of coarse I’ve made things like it, but I always try to go for new flavor combinations. Today’s breakfast was something new for me and it turned out better than I thought, basically a Reuben sandwich chopped up and tossed together with roasted potatoes. I finally got to use some of the herbs from our little garden, I used fresh basil to garnish the pizzas for lunch. We anchored in the late afternoon, about half the passengers went ashore and I fired up the grill for dinner. To get the ribs the right texture without being able to have them slow roasted on the grill for hours I cooked them for an hour and a half in the oven first and then put them on the grill slathering them in BBQ sauce for a sticky glaze.

Day 3
Breakfast: Bostock (frangipane toast), breakfast sausage, fruit and yoghurt
Lunch: Korean lettuce wraps with chicken and rice, kimchi pancakes, marinated cucumbers and cold broccoli salad

Breakfast this morning was yet another new recipe, bostocks: a thick slice of brioche bread spread with apricot jam, frangipane, sliced almonds and baked till golden brown. I had wondered if it would be dry or soggy, but the edges of the toast were crisp while the center was moist and the whole thing a lovely golden brown. Lunch was another big hit, I look forward to eating the leftovers in the coming days off.

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