History Cruise

History Cruise

Day 1
Lunch: Sri Lankan shrimp curry with streamed rice and turmeric and coconut green beans
Snack: Hot artichoke dip
Dinner: Flank steak tacos with pickled red onions and cilantro sauce, coriander black beans and grilled zucchini with cotija cheese

Today’s lunch was really great, I got lots of compliments on it and I even really loved it, could have kept shoveling it in my mouth but I was too full. I’ll for sure make that shrimp curry again and soon, I have lots of homemade curry powder left. Tonight’s history lecture went rather late into the evening, the instructor covered the early history of the San Juan area.

Day 2
Breakfast: Rhubarb and ginger scones w/ cream and jam, fruit salad, yoghurt and granola
Lunch: Grilled black pepper poblano chicken sandwich with cilantro and corn potato salad and spinach salad with strawberries
Dinner: Pork char siu with vegetable chow mein and broccoli with oyster sauce
Dessert: Steamed custard buns with yuanyang ice cream (half coffee, half tea)

This morning was very foggy, it was strange, haven’t seen thick fog in awhile. It was pretty bad, even though we hauled up the anchor we ended up anchoring again for some time and waited for it to clear before we set sail. I really enjoyed dinner, had been looking forward to it since yesterday when I set the meat to marinade. People probably don’t notice, but when I decided what to make for dessert I look to my dinner to find a flavor profile. Dinner was Chinese inspired so I made a Chinese inspired dessert. Yuanyang is a typical drink at coffee shops in Asia, half coffee, half black tea, not British black tea, Chinese black tea like oolong, it makes a difference to have the right tea. So I took those flavors of that tea drink and made it into ice cream to go along with a steam bun filled with custard, the ice cream was fantastic, it really stole the show for me.

Day 3
Breakfast: Cajun hash with Andouille sausage and bell peppers, fried eggs and fruit
Lunch: Brie and bacon grilled cheese with apricot jam, chips and breadcrumb stuffed tomatoes

We couldn’t get underway right after chores because Dennis was splicing a new line for the main throat halyard. Games were played and other projects completed to pass the time until we could sail home.

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