Environmental and Adventure School

Environmental and Adventure School

Uh oh, I thought this trip was going to be high schoolers, it’s middle schoolers, it’ll be much louder and chaotic compared to our usual high school trips. This school group is from the Seattle area and they are apart of this special program focusing on giving students different opportunities for learning and working with their communities. The students have to write an essay and put their name in a drawing to be accepted into this middle school program. Each school year they go on three excursions, at the beginning and end of the year it’s a big camping trip with the whole school and during the spring it’s smaller groups. Some of the other destinations for Spring trips are in Hawaii, New Mexico, Utah and Alaska. I did a similar thing when I was in high school and these trips stick in your memory forever.

Day 1
Lunch: Green pork chili with hominy and cornbread muffins
Dinner: Chicken parmesan, pasta with marinara sauce and Cesar salad

The kids arrived a little later than usual but we got underway shortly after and set sail. We sailed most of day and then sent them ashore on Sucia Island for awhile to get their energy out before returning for a late dinner.

Day 2
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with cream cheese and green onions, breakfast sausage, cinnamon swirl bread and juice
Lunch: Bag lunch for students – sandwich rolls with turkey and swiss, granola bar, apple and chips
Dinner: Meatloaf with mustard roasted potatoes and steamed broccoli
Dessert: Caramel apple bread pudding

On the second day the group had planed to do a kayaking trip so we quickly got them ashore with their bagged lunches and then we had a couple hours of quite. When the group returned to the ship in the afternoon we motored over to where we planned to anchor, had dinner and then they went ashore again. I’m glad I wasn’t involved in any of the small boat stuff to ferry people ashore and back, that was a lot of work.

Day 3
Breakfast: Buttermilk pancakes, fruit salad and yoghurt
Lunch: Chicken pot pie and green beans

The final morning of the trip students spent a short amount of time making boats to race, I was busy preparing lunch so I didn’t see any of it. The results are usually the same, no one really wins because they all tend to fall over or the weather conditions are not helpful to archive a real race. Once underway we looked for wind, found some and were able to sail most of the way back into Bellingham. Overall it was a fine trip, the students were polite enough, just a little load, but I guess that means they were excited and having a great time.

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