Desolation Sound Part 2

Desolation Sound Part 2

Day 6
Breakfast: Blini with sour cream and jam, breakfast sausage, yoghurt, granola and juice
Lunch: Squid stuffed with spinach in a white wine sauce, green beans almondine and leftover mac and cheese
Snack: Lamb cigars with yoghurt tahini sauce
Dinner: Cachapas with pulled pork, coriander black beans and lemon lime coleslaw
Dessert: Cinnamon laced pots de crème with dulce deleche

We pulled up the hook before breakfast to get going early so we could have enough time to play at Frederick Arm. Once we got there the crew took the kayaks ashore, dragged them up the river and to the lake. After lunch the passengers went ashore for most of the afternoon for hiking and kayaking around the lake. Oysters were grilled once again followed by perfectly cooked cachapas, I’ve made them a few times this year perfecting them each time and these have been the best yet. Creamy sweet corn cakes cooked slowly on a grilled, topped with melted cheese and citrus pulled pork, coriander black beans and tart lemon lime coleslaw. It was a long day, felt like it was never going to end, but this whole month has felt that way.

Day 7
Breakfast: Caramelized onion, bacon and cheddar quiche with cinnamon swirl bread
Lunch: Falafel with babaganoush, crispy chickpea salad, pickled vegetables and spanikopita
Dinner: Japanese yoshinoya beef bowl with rice, simple okonomiyaki and steamed broccoli with miso butter
Dessert: Butter mochi and mango sorbet

Another early morning, well not as early as yesterday, but as soon as the crew finished their safety meeting we pulled the hook so that we could get through the rapids at the appropriate time, otherwise we’d have to wait another 6 hours. Today’s goal was to make our way south out of Desolation and start heading for home, we spent the day motoring and finally anchored at Scottie Bay.

Day 8
Breakfast: Cajun oatmeal with Andouille sausage, fried eggs and corn muffins
Lunch: Leftover-palooza
Dinner: Apple cider molasses pork chops with roasted sage potatoes and a green salad

Today we made more headway south, luckily there was wind today so we got to sail rather than motor, but it was another late night and the crew didn’t stop until 1 am at Narvaez Bay.

Day 9
Breakfast: Pineapple coconut cardamom cake with yoghurt, oranges and scrambled eggs
Lunch: Meatballs with chimichuri sauce, cotija sweet potato fries and cucumber salad with a chili and orange dressing
Dinner: Chicken marbella with couscous and roasted vegetables
Dessert: Smores on the grill

Ahh, back in American waters and to our usual stomping grounds of the San Juan Islands. We cleared customs before lunch which made lunch timing tricky because people went ashore, I ended up having three seatings for lunch, at least it wasn’t complicated. The afternoon was slow and I finally got around to working on the sewing project I had brought with me for this trip, didn’t get very far before I had to start dinner. We anchored at Spencer Spit, grilled up the last of the oysters and finished off the evening grilling smores over the last of the coals.

Day 10
Breakfast: Strata with bell peppers and spinach, breakfast sausage and cereal
Lunch: Roasted cauliflower soup with rice and onion bread

Last day of the trip, everyone went home and the crew finally got a chance to relax and drink a well deserved beer.

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