Desolation Sound Part 1

Desolation Sound Part 1

This is the big trip of the year that everyone has been waiting for, 10 days in Desolation Sound Canada. It’s a beautiful place and well worth the effort it takes to organize everything to get there, but it is a bit of an organizational headache for me. I plan the menu well in advance, write long detailed grocery lists and the last thing I do is buy fresh produce once we clear customs in Canada since we can’t bring any in. That shopping trip is always a unique one.

Day 1
Lunch: Nicoise salad with seared tuna with lemon and shallot dressing and fresh crusty rolls
Dinner: Shredded beef enchiladas with homemade sauce, Spanish rice and refried beans
Dessert: Cream cheese swirled raspberry brownies

As soon as passengers boarded this morning we were off the dock, we had a date with customs in Canada at 4pm. Unfortunately, we missed our date, but still cleared customs because our paperwork had all been sent in ahead of time. So we kept on motoring up to Ganges Harbor we anchored for the evening and had dinner. Knowing ahead of time that we were going to clear customs before dinner I had to plan a clever dinner that did not take any fresh produce because we are not allowed to bring any in to Canada, well we are, it’s just complicated.

Day 2
Breakfast: Apple cinnamon scones, oatmeal and yoghurt with granola
Lunch: BLT sandwiches with salt and vinegar chips and a spinach salad with strawberries
Dinner: Italian skillet chicken with burst tomatoes and spinach, pesto pasta with pine nuts and balsamic broccoli
Dessert: Root beer floats

Today was my my final shopping day, a chance for everyone really to get any last minute provisions they think they might need for the rest of the trip. Right after breakfast Jesse and I were on the first boat ashore with one of the crew, Megan, to go shopping. We stuffed three carts with produce, another one had the 23 dozen eggs I needed and we even had a little trolley with a few boxes of produce that we bought in bulk. When we left the store we ran into another crew member who took a cart and along the way we found a few more hands. We only had to walk a block and around the corner to the dock to where our tender would pick us up and take us back to Zodiac. I’ve done lots of ridiculous shopping trips in my time and this was an easy one in comparison.

Once back at he boat Jesse and I put everything away, a lot of produce went into the laz, we have extra storage down there and it’s slightly cooler so it’s perfect for squash, potatoes, onions and cabbages. Everything else had to be stuffed into the remaining space I had in the refrigerator, it almost all fit, we just had to eat a bit of broccoli first. With everything away we made lunch and served that up as soon as we got underway, now we are really on our way to desolation sound. We motored late into the night and finally dropped the hook around midnight at Savory Island, it was a long day for the crew but they got us to where we want to be.

Day 3
Breakfast: Baked English breakfast, beans with sausages and eggs, earl grey blueberry bread and oatmeal bread
Lunch: Ethiopian chicken with berbere red lentils, injera and Ethiopian mixed vegetables
Snack: Cheddar and broccoli dip with crackers
Dinner: Grilled shrimp kebabs with grilled cauliflower and orzo lemon salad

After two days of running hard to get closer to Desolation Sound we are finally able to sail for the morning. Lunch was really fantastic; Ethiopian may be a new experience for some but it’s something that I like to experiment with now and again. There’s nothing too unusual about it except the flat bread they eat everything with, well it’s more of a crepe made from teff flour, a grass seed. Part of the batter gets made several days in advance so that it sours, like sourdough, that’s where half of the flavor comes from, the other half is the flour. We anchored in the early after noon at Teakerne Arm the big activity to do there is to hike up to a lake at the top of a waterfall. The hike isn’t too hard, just tricky in a few spots, but it’s worth the effort when you see the lake and even better when you get in. The water was crisp, refreshing and clearer than you’d expect of a lake; there were a few logs floating around that made for a fun place to hang out, but if you got too many people on one you’d no longer be floating.

Day 4
Breakfast: Homemade bagels with smoked salmon spread, cereal and juice
Lunch: Vietnamese roast pork with peanut chimichuri sauce, rice noodles and mango mint coleslaw
Dinner: Korean vegetable pancakes, cold broccoli salad, purple rice, beef bulgogi and kimchi
Dessert: Pumpkin and walnut hotteok

Now this to me is Desolation, the best and most favored anchorages, Melville Island, we always spend two nights here. Today was spent doing all of the activities, harvesting oysters, playing with small boats, kayaks, swimming and jumping from a rope swing. In the evening oysters were barbequed and we ate our fill before we stuffed ourselves with dinner a Korean inspired dinner and then a Korean dessert. It was a great food day and an exhausting day of playing on and in the water.

Day 5
Breakfast: Loco Moco- pork patty with rice, onion gravy, pineapple and a fried egg
Lunch: Jalapeno popper mac and cheese with pockets of cream cheese, green salad and steamed cauliflower and broccoli
Appetizer: Grilled oysters
Dinner: Indian chicken naan wraps with riata and red lentil hummus, coconut turmeric green beans

Shortly after breakfast a dozen or so passengers went off for a long hike, it went longer than they thought and they were back well after lunch time. While they were away other people went fishing, harvesting more oyster and went snorkeling. Leo and Megan took turns going up the main mast in a bosun’s chair to sand the mast in preparation for it being varnished. My afternoon was spent prepping dinner, the effort was well worth it, fresh naan stuffed with grilled chicken curry and red lentil hummus. The hummus turned out better than I expected and I really enjoyed the texture, this is something I need to make more of and experiment with.

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