Bush Middle School

Bush Middle School

More middle schoolers and for five days, bring it on.

Day 1
Lunch: Baked ziti with ricotta and green salad
Dinner: Greek chicken with tzatziki, rice pilaf and tomato cucumber salad

After lunch we raised sail, it took a bit longer than normal because we didn’t have a full boat of passengers, plus they are middle schoolers, the smaller they are the more of them we need. We sailed all afternoon and then dropped the hook around 1600 for some time on shore before dinner.

Day 2
Breakfast: Egg scramble with potatoes and cheese, sourdough bread and fruit
Lunch: Jalapeno pineapple roasted pork with rice and lemon lime coleslaw
Dinner: Cheese burgers with potato salad and watermelon
Dessert: Chocolate ice cream with peanut butter wafers

I know kids can be picky but each kid has their own unique list of foods they will and won’t eat, I was surprised at breakfast when all of my egg scramble got devoured. I was even more surprised at lunch time when multiple kids came back for seconds for coleslaw, it’s nice to see kids happy to eat their vegetables. In the afternoon the students got to play with kayaks and lounge around in the bowsprit netting, we had great weather and everyone was hanging out on deck. Luckily by the time I got around to grilling dinner things had quitted down and maybe half the kids were below playing games. After dinner the students got divided into groups and got to building their little wooden boats with skewers and plastic sails.

Day 3
Breakfast: Strawberry cornmeal pancakes with bacon, yoghurt and granola
Lunch: Chicken fajitas with peppers and onions, pinto beans and elote salad
Dinner: Lemon garlic pork chops with roasted small potatoes and mixed vegetable stir fry

Things can be a little hectic in the last few minutes before a meal is served and occasionally something gets missed. I don’t often forget serving utensils, but if I do the first person in line usually says something and the problem is fixed quickly. This morning on the other hand I forgot to pull out the tray of cutlery and at least 10 kids went through the line, got their breakfast and sat down without asking for any. It wasn’t until I noticed a kid standing a little longer at the side counter where is usually lives during meal service looking a little lost. It was an easy meal to eat with your hands if that’s what you wanted to do, just odd that no one spoke up sooner when they are happy to ask me a dozen times a day what the coming meal is.

After chores were done in the morning the kids got to race their boats they made last night. There was no wind and the winning boat happened to have the smallest sail, it was all down to the current. We motored over to John’s Island, fed the kids as soon as I was ready for them so we could send them ashore for a long afternoon of running around. We were hopping they’d get some of their energy out so they’d be a bit more calm in the evening, not much luck there. One of the chaperones mentioned to me that while ashore they ran into another one of the school groups that’s in the area on a kayaking trip. They happened to end up talking about food and the vast differences in quality they were receiving while paddling around the islands.

Day 4
Breakfast: Cyclose toast, sausage, fruit and cereal
Lunch: Shrimp Alfredo with broccoli and citrus spinach salad
Dinner: Porcupine meatballs with rice and zucchini
Dessert: Brown sugar brownies, aka Blondies

Today’s breakfast is one of those dishes that goes by several names, when people ask what it is I can’t help but list several names for it: cyclopse toast, Johnny one-eye, chicken on a raft, bird in a nest. I was surprised at how well lunch went over when I was told that most of the kids didn’t like seafood, but maybe shrimp doesn’t count. Dinner was an old classic for me, something my mom would make on occasion, porcupine meatballs, they have rice in them and are cooked in a tomato sauce. While menu planning this trip I tried to think of things I ate as a kid to give me inspiration, I don’t often cook this simple.

Day 5
Breakfast: Korean egg muffins, cereal, yoghurt and fruit
Lunch: Baked potato soup with bacon grilled cheese

Finally, done with this trip and we have one more tomorrow before we get a little break. Trying to shop while I feel a little pressed for time is no fun, we get in at 3 so I do have time, but after a trip like this all I want to do is eat a dinner I didn’t have to prepare that day and take a break.

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