Books a Sail and San Juan Escape

Books a Sail and San Juan Escape

As the season finally begins to comes to an end I am burnt out. I can image that when you don’t live and work in the same location going home is relaxing, you get away from the stresses of your job and are able to put the day behind you with a little more ease. When I relax I just go over to the other side of the galley, to the mess table and sit there thinking of all the things I could and sometimes should be doing instead of sitting. So with that in mind, that I’m getting tired of the season I glomped two overnight trips together in one post.

Books A Sail

Think of this sail as a mini book club, the passengers are told in advance what books to read and each day they discuss a different book. This year we read Feathers by Thor Hanson, Wind by Jan DeBlieu and Mink River by Brian Doyle. We even had Thor Hanson the author of Feathers come on board with us and help lead the discussion on his own book. Last year on this trip a passenger asked me if I had a cook book, I don’t, she said I should and that she worked for a small publishing company and was willing to help me out. We had a few conversations about writing a cook book and I did some of my own research, starting this blog is my first step towards writing cookbook. My plans for the winter are to start choosing and testing recipes for my future cookbook.

Day 1
Lunch: Calzones stuffed with pepperoni, ricotta and green bell peppers, Italian dressed salad
Dinner: Chicken paprikash with crème fraiche, egg noodles and grilled Brussel sprouts

Day 2
Breakfast: Oatmeal, honey bun muffins and fruit
Lunch: Split pea soup with pulled pork and sauerkraut open faced sandwiches
Dinner: Korean BBQ meatballs, rice, doenjang green beans and kimchi pancakes
Dessert: Swedish apple pie with cinnamon ice cream

Day 3
Breakfast: Artichoke quiche with bacon, fruit and sourdough toast
Lunch: Preserved lemon chicken wraps with garlic sauce, Mediterranean pickles and tabouli


San Juan Escape

This trip is always done towards the end of the season, I get it, sometimes you just need a name for a normal trip, but we’re not escaping the San Juans, we are going right to them! I need to escape them! Help! I guess the idea for this trip is more so to explore the islands, have some time ashore for a hike or so, but we had some pretty wet weather so there was really no time ashore.

Day 1
Lunch: chicken pot pie with leeks and fennel, green salad and brown butter peas
Dinner: Turkish meatballs with rice and yoghurt, tahini roasted eggplant

Day 2
Breakfast: Apple and cheddar biscuits with ham, fried eggs and fruit
Lunch: Shrimp laksa noodle soup with bok choy
Dinner: Cornbread and chorizo stuffed pork loin with poblano cream sauce, boiled potatoes and green beans
Dessert: Poached pear tart


Day 3
Breakfast: Pancakes with pecan maple syrup, sausages and fruit
Lunch: Mushroom and beet soup with onion rolls

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