Ballard Maratime

Ballard Maratime

Ballard Maritime from Seattle has been coming to Zodiac for a few years. They are a maritime oriented school so the students already know their way around boats before they get there. That’s a plus because they understand a lot of details and we don’t have to explain things as much, makes things easier. A lot of the students have been on the ship before and it’s nice to see that they like the experience and want to return.

Day 1
Lunch: Grilled pesto sandwich with turkey and mozzarella, tomato soup and salad
Dinner: Grilled jalapeno chicken with grilled corn and roasted ranch potato salad

Today we did some sailing, didn’t manage to sail all day because we anchored early at Echo Bay so the students could have time ashore on Sucia Island and explore the limestone caves. This gave me a good amount of time to grill dinner, it always takes at least an hour to get the coals ready.

Day 2
Breakfast: Crispy Greek potatoes with tahini yoghurt, fried eggs and cucumber and tomato slices
Lunch: Cindo de Mayo! Crispy baked beef burritos with sour cream and salsa, roasted zucchini and tortilla chips
Dinner: Stuffed pork roast with cheesy cacao e peppe pasta and green beans
Dessert: Italian ricotta jam tart

With school group we stat the morning with chores after breakfast, get them to help clean up a bit of the mess they’ve made the day before. Most of the chores end up being on deck, we give the deck a good wash down with salt water to keep all of the planks hydrated, lots of brass gets polished and down below we give everything a thorough sweeping. We sailed off the hook, it takes more coordination on the part of the crew to bring up the anchor, quickly set the sails and maneuver us out of the bay. In the evening we anchored at Prevost and the students went ashore and I got to bake in peace without everyone passing by asking what I’m making or commented on something smelling delicious, it gets old quick. After dinner the student did a scavenger hunt, we let them ask for two hints, but some of the questions can be difficult. As the sun went down some of the crew started a ring toss compotation, we throw out a marker and then toss a life ring and see if anyone can aim it correctly and land on the marker, it’s harder than you think.

Day 3
Breakfast: Nutella and banana French toast with yoghurt and cereal
Lunch: Chicken negi miso with green onions, rice, marinated eggs and cucumber salad

Almost every time we have a man overboard drill it ends up being difficult timing for me, I have my hands covered in food, I just started cooking something that needs close attention or worst of all I just got a moment to sit down. But the whole crew hop to their stations, gets the small boat in the water and off they go to rescue something. The mate often calls for man overboard drills when we see some trash floating in the water, this time it was two Mylar balloons in the shape of stars.

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