52 Weeks of Baking and Cooking

52 Weeks of Baking and Cooking

I’m a big fan of Reddit, two of my favorite subs are 52 weeks of baking and 52 weeks of cooking. It’s a year long challenge, once a week they present a category for you to bake or cook. I wanted to participate in both subs all year long in 2017, but I only manage to get half way through the summer. Boats are the busiest during the summer and Zodiac is no exception, if anything they work the hardest; I didn’t have a day off for a month and a half. Some of the challenges I really enjoyed, they inspired me to find new things to make, that’s why I love this so much. These challenges made me find new flavors, explore different cultures and got me to make things I’d been avoiding.

A few of my new discoveries from participating in these food challenges last year were crispy Persian rice, chifflan (chiffon flan cake), hush puppies with pulled pork, vegan tofu ‘cheesecake’, strawberry mint scones, rosemary salted caramel, tahini cookies, blondie cheesecake bars with pineapple topping and a new found love of panna cotta.

The baking sub puts out more challenges ahead of time, I love planning ahead, the three weeks I’m most looking forward to are week 4: cakes, cupcakes & muffins, I have a very interesting flavor in mind to make, week 11: cheese, I hope to execute a savory cheese cake and week 12: afternoon tea, lets see if I can finally get a genoise sponge to behave to make petit fours.


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