Treasures of the Bounty

Treasures of the Bounty

I like to think of Bounty as the love ship, many couples had their start on her deck.

After I had been on Bounty for about three months when new people slowly started arriving to fill out the crew for our coming sailing season. The crew quarters were filling up and sooner or later I would end up with a roommate. I was kind of nervous about it, so was my mom, I had just left home for the first time when I joined Bounty. Along came this guy Jesse, he asked if he could share my cabin. Later on I found out that he had requested that cabin ahead of time because he knew it leaked less than the rest and that’s key on a wooden ship that have potential for leaks everywhere. I was intimidated by Jesse, he was this big bearded man who knew everything compared to me when it came to sailing and I was still trying to prove myself. The bosun, who had sailed with him the previous year told me he was big teddy bear, so I figured if she had good things to say about him I would be fine.

We started off as very quite roommates, but eventually we did find something to bond over, I saw him reading some manga, Japanese comics, having grew up in Asia I was fond of manga and knew what he was reading, I think that’s what impressed him a bit. And then Jesse started to act like a 5th grader with a crush.

I was very unaware of his affections; he slapped a bunch of grease in my hand while we were working aloft and left me with a handprint of pine tar on my shoulder. My friend Brooke tried to tell me that he liked me but I didn’t believe it until he kissed me a few weeks later, I figured he was just trying to be friendly and get to know me as a shipmate.

Eventually we started to talk more and he invited me to watch a movie one evening on the ship along with a few others in the forward crew bunk space. A few of us hunkered down and when the film started Jesse sat down next to me. I was sitting stiff and rigid, I didn’t know if he was okay if we touched, but he put his arm behind me so I felt it was safe to relax. A few nights later we watched another movie and sat close again, by the time the movie was coming to a close everyone else was asleep and Jesse kissed me, we’ve been together ever since.

We were together for about a year before he purposed at Blarney Castle in Ireland and a year or so later we said ‘I do’ in his parent’s back yard in Oregon. He’s the man who stands behind me and supports me, I wouldn’t be the cook I am today without him.


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