Oliver Hazard Perry

Oliver Hazard Perry

Fully rigged ship, launched 2015, Newport, Rhode Island
Sailed: 2016

Ships hire their crews by the season. Usually the summer season is the most fun, exploring new pots and getting a lot of nautical miles under your belt. Winters are all about maintenance, but if put time in when it’s coldest you get first pick at staying on when the weather changes. My husband and I decided to work for OHP over the winter because we knew in the spring she was going to Cuba and that was a destination we didn’t want to miss. The unique thing about this ship is that she is so young in comparison to the rest of the world’s tall ship fleet, her maiden voyage was over the summer of 2015.

When I first joined the ship I was hired as a deckhand for a month and half while she was out of the water. We lived at a crew house and commuted to the ship everyday, first time I’d been more than a dozen steps away from the office. Once she was back in the water and the crew was living aboard I got to cook, I enjoyed returning to deck hand tasks but it didn’t give me the same joy as filling peoples’ stomachs.

For our sailing season we sailed from Rhode Island to Florida where we picked up passengers and headed back and forth to Cuba. Later we went to Bermuda with a group of adults and gave instruction in celestial navigation and marine weather. The season ended back in Rhode Island, it’s always nice to avoid winter and go to the Caribbean to stay warm.


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